Smart Money Stock Picks for November 2018

As always, we start with a list of roughly 100 picks and cull it down to a more manageable 20 names that represent high-conviction bets by the Smart Money.

The november picks performed very well, producing alpha of 7.2% for the month. There were winners and losers, but the net result was very successful.


smart money picks november 2018



  1. Zulema Nuzback

    I will be 59 half of in 3 months, but they have been out of work intended for 8 months and possess gone back to school. This unemployment ran available a month ago, i have no income…my 401k was at about $11, 500 on 12/31, but I’m sure it’s down a lot thousand since then due to the market’s poor functionality. Having that extra 10 penalty when I are so close…would I be better off taking a loan on it?

    1. Post

      Zulema, this is a question for your accountant or your financial adviser. I can’t give you an expert answer because I don’t know your circumstances. Please reach out to them.

      Best regards,
      Erik Conley

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