Smart Money Returns as of June 30, 2019

After a stellar performance in 2018, the Smart Money portfolios are off to another good start this year. The table below summarizes the returns for all 5 portfolios. 

Smart Money Pairs Trading

smart money pairs trading

The Smart Money Pairs Trading portfolio is designed to look for large discrepancies in valuations within the stocks of the same industry. When it finds such discrepancies, it takes a long position in the undervalued stock and a short position in the overvalued stock, hoping to capitalize on a narrowing of the valuation gap.

Smart Money Contrarian

The Contrarian portfolio includes stocks that have recently been under selling pressure, but their fundamental prospects going forward are sound.

(The YTD return for Contrarian is 15.6% when closed positions are included.)

The other three Smart Money portfolios are up year-to-date, but lagging behind the broader market.

If you want to learn more about these portfolios, click here.


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