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When you first come to our website we encourage you to browse through the free content on offer to get a sense of the quality of our work. If you like what you see, the next step is to sign up for one of our newsletters that focuses on a specific trading strategy that the Smart Money uses.


Smart Money Top 10

This is the simplest and least expensive choice and is designed for investors with less than 3 years of experience.

This newsletter is geared for investors who do not wish to spend a lot of time on managing their portfolio. Each month you will receive a fresh list of the top 10 stocks that are favored by the Smart Money. You can simply buy these 10 stocks and hold them for the next 12 months. Alternatively, you can rebalance your portfolio each month as some stocks are dropped from the list and new ones are added. You can manage this strategy any way that fits your needs. 

Smart Money Pairs Trading

This strategy is geared for investors with at least 3 years of experience. Each month you will receive a fresh list of candidates that you can choose to trade. The idea is to buy an undervalued stock and sell an overvalued stock in the same industry or sector of the market.

You can trade this strategy actively and aggressively, or you can pick and choose the best opportunity each month and only do that trade.

Smart Money Momentum

Market history shows that when a stock, or the market as a whole, starts to move decisively in one direction, that move is likely to persist longer than investors may think. That’s why the momentum strategy has been so successful over the past 30 years. The trick, of course, is to distinguish between stocks that are hot temporarily and those that have staying power. This strategy turns to the experience of the Smart Money to help make that distinction.

Smart Money High Conviction

Every once in a while a stock comes along that offers the potential to do great things. When the Smart Money locks onto these opportunities they bet the ranch. This strategy is all about high conviction stock picks. There is no guaranty that these stocks will be winners, but there is big money betting that they will.

Smart Money Contrarian

Market history shows that stocks become grossly over-valued and under-valued from time to time. This is because of the emotional nature of investors. Every stock has a theoretical “fair” price, and when a stock exceeds that price by a large enough margin, the Smart Money steps in and takes the other side. There is a great deal of research that goes into this strategy, because fair prices are mostly in the eye of the beholder. But the Smart Money has the resources to do the work necessary to find these opportunities.

Smart Money All Access

This package gives you access to all of the Smart Money strategies for a discounted price. If you subscribe to each of the strategies separately, your monthly cost would be $127.45. But the All Access pass cuts that price to $84.95 per month. 

Who would benefit from this all-inclusive package? Investors who want the flexibility to move between different strategies based on where we are in the market cycle.

 It takes an experienced and dedicated investor to fully appreciate and take advantage of this offering. It requires serious time and attention, and it’s not recommended for novice investors.


Pricing for each of our offerings

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Smart Money Pairs Trading



Smart Money Momentum



Smart Money High Conviction



Smart Money Contrarian



Smart Money All-Access

$127.45 per month value for $84.95/month