stock market whisperer 1

I am the Stock Market Whisperer. I earned this nickname over the course of a 30 year career as a professional trader, portfolio manager, and mentor to those who were coming up in the business.

What is a whisperer? It’s someone who is “dialed in” to what’s going on in their chosen field of study. In my case, that’s the stock market. Everything about the stock market.

While my cohorts were busy cold-calling and trying to land the next whale, I was busy learning about what makes the stock market tick. I guess you could call me a stock market nerd, but I prefer whisperer.

How do I know so much about the Smart Money?

Personal experience. I ran with the Smart Money crowd for 30 years as a Wall Street trader and portfolio manager. I understand how the game works, how the players think, and the techniques they use to move in and out of a position undetected.

When I retired from the profession I took my Rolodex with me. I work hard at keeping my contact list fresh. I have hundreds of contacts across dozens of trading desks and money management firms. I am careful to a fault not to cross the line into insider information. I share ideas and opinions with these contacts, and we both benefit from the relationship.

What's the Smart Money doing?

I know what they are doing because I ask them. Let me say it once again – I do not traffic in insider information. I traffic in market intelligence that is shared among the big money players. They share information with me because I reciprocate. 

I never divulge the identity of my sources, so I can stay safely on the right side of the regulations.

Occasionally one of my contacts will try to “play” me by feeding me false information in order to serve their own agenda. It doesn’t take long to find out I’ve been played, and that contact is quickly removed from my Rolodex.

Likewise I never intentionally pass on bogus information because I know it will jeopardize my relationships and reputation. My reputation is my stock in trade, and I will do anything to protect it.